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Real Estate investing

After a decade of saving and investing, I think real estate is one of the best ways to make money and build wealth.

Real Estate investing

Housers is primarily a savings platform through property investment. Traditionally, people with high saving abilities or great financial capital, would do real estate investing due to the safety that those assets provide, since the risk of a total loss on a property investment is very unlikely.

Housers were also aware that these investments were only allowed if you have a considerable financial capital. It was then when Housers concept was born, when they asked ¿”What if we created a platform to grow a property portfolio in which anyone could invest from 50€?”

Since then they have been working to democratize real estate investment so that everyone has access to obtain property. Today they can say that it is a reality.

They offer their investors products with a profitability that is really hard to find in any other financial product, and with almost guaranteed security, since there is always a physical good that backs up the investment. In Housers they only look for clear options focusing on residential or commercial properties located at central areas of big capitals, after performing a comprehensive analysis of the market using the most advanced Big Data tools.

But besides security and profitability, they wanted to achieve the key values of the digital reality that we live in. One of them is the easiness: the process in Housers is really easy and fast. Another one is the freedom that Housers gives you allowing you to diversify your investment between the properties.

Housers will become the most important property investment platform of the Southern Europe, so anyone, from 50 euros, can put their savings to generate profits and earn the ability to build month by month a heritage that can assure their future.

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What is Housers?

It is the first real estate crowdfunding community in Spain that allows customers to invest in property from 50€, in the best areas of the big cities, aiming the creation of income generated by the rent and the revaluation when this property achieves the target market price.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an easy cooperative system that allows any project initiator (professional or not) to gather the needed funds to support a determined initiative.

Invest in property through Housers

Until now the real estate market was exclusive to the few. Now, with Housers, it is possible to invest in property in an easy way, receiving all the benefits and forgetting about any type of management. They do it for you. From now anyone can invest with just a click in residential or commercial properties and, in a comfortable way, can have access to all the information related to investment opportunities.

How does it work?

Is Housers a timeshare or REIT?

Housers has nothing to do with timeshare. In a timeshare there is only a transfer of the right to use the property during a certain period of time, but the person does not become an owner.

Housers is a property crowdfunding platform. In a REIT you buy shares of a company that already has a property portfolio selected by themselves. In Housers you choose where you want to invest, building your own property portfolio without having any relation with the stock market.
(REIT: Real Estate Investment Trust , in Spain known as SOCIMI)

Risk and Benefits

The risk is minimal. In Housers the projects are independent from one another, each one of them with it’s own guarantee, not affecting the others. When investing in property, always a physical good is backing up your investment.  And the benefits are:

  • with Housers you make money twice

1. Receive monthly income generated by rent.
2.Gain with the revaluation of the property.
3.Diversify between the types of property that they offer.

  • high profitability with low risk: Housers offers a good rent profitability with great revaluation expectations, always backed up by a physical property.
  • Housers does everything for you: They analyze all the projects in detail to guarantee that only the best opportunities are published on their platform. And once invested, they also manage the rent and sell the property for you.
  • Housers only make money if you make money: Their success depends on yours. If you don’t make money, they don’t neither. They only charge their fees when you obtain benefits.


About Housers

What is Housers?

Housers is the best alternative to traditional investment and savings products. Through their technological platform you decide where, when and how much to invest in the best opportunities previously selected by their experts to get the most out of your money with a monthly income and your investments backed up by a real asset (property).

What are the advantages of investing in opportunities published in Housers?

Housers puts at your disposal the possibility of investing and saving on different types of properties in an agile and simple way, receiving monthly income and avoiding having to carry out all the legal, administrative, etc. procedures. From now on, with one click, you can make the most of your money from your home’s sofa and access in a comfortable way all the information related to your investment.

What happens if Housers closes the business?

Housers acts as an intermediary and therefore by investing in the opportunities published in their platform you invest directly in the companies, and in no case in Housers.

In addition, the funds of each Housers investor are securely deposited into a segregated account at the Lemonway payment institution. The available money deposited in the account in the name of each investor can be withdrawn at any time.

In the unlikely event that this happens, new opportunities would be left open, existing opportunities would remain in effect until their expiration and investors would receive the corresponding benefits.

What is Lemonway?

All payments and movements of funds that are made through their platform are outsourced to the payment service entity Lemon Way, (Limited Company with a capital of 860,232.53 €, Number SIREN 500486915, with headquarters number 14, Rue de la Beaune, 93100 Montreuil, France, accredited on 12/24/2012 by the “Autorité de contrôle Prudentiel et Régulation” (“ACPR”, France, 61 rue Taitbou 75009 Paris, as a Hybrid Payment Institution under number 16568 J ) And authorized in Spain by the Bank of Spain for the development of its activity as payment institution without permanent establishment in accordance with the applicable regulations.

A payment institution provides payment services to its own customers or to third party customers. Among others the reception, deposit or payment of funds. In Europe, these activities are regulated and subject to supervision by central banks seeking to safeguard client funds through measures to ensure the financial and operational stability of payment institutions, as well as segregation of funds from customers.


Free gift to you, you obtain 25€ on first investment

As I’m a registered Housers user with active investments, if you signup using following link below, you automatically win 25€ once you have invested for the first time.

>> Sign up at Housers

Another way to do this: You can use the PFH–REF–41426 code when you are filling out the registration form. If you use this code, you will be given 25€ when you make the first investment.

free code housersRegistration at Housers does not commit to anything and has no cost whatsoever. Who can register for Housers? Individuals, of legal age, with Spanish or foreign nationality; Legal entities (companies) registered in Spain.

Real Estate investing signup housers

To register at Housers and to open your account you must:

  • Click on  “Register Now” or “Sign me up”
  • Select the “Individual” option, fill out a form with the “identification data” (your name and surname, phone, email, and password),  and click ” continue”.
  • Then you go directly to the “My Data” tab of your user account where you must complete the following sections:
  • In “Identification data” you must fill in the fields that you have not filled in (country, sex and fiscal residence)

In “Documents” you must enclose:

– If you are resident in Spain you must enclose your DNI, in PDF format or similar, on both sides and in color. If you are a foreigner resident in Spain you will need, besides your identification document, the Foreigner Identity Number.

– If you are resident in any other country you must attach your ID or passport. Only in the case that you are a foreigner from outside the EU you must provide a second identity document.

  • Once you have completed all the information you must activate your account by clicking on “accept and continue”.

create account housers

Once you have registered on the platform, you have filled in your identification data and attached your identity document:

  • You have to wait for 1 to 3 days for your account to be validated.
  • Once you have all the documents validated and your account has been created, you must make a funds transfer from your bank account in your name to your Housers account (account segregated in your name).
  • Once you have funds in your Housers account you can start making investments.

For future access, just go to their website, click on “log in” and enter your email and password.

Within “opportunities” menu, you will be able to invest in all the opportunities that are in the investment phase or in those that, even if funded, have titles available through the market place.

The minimum amount to invest per opportunity is € 50. And màximum: It will depend on the type of investor you are:

If you are an accredited investor you have no economic limit whatsoever. If you are an unaccredited investor, you will not be able to invest more than € 3,000 per project nor more than € 10,000 over a period of 12 months in projects published on any participatory funding platform.



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