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Invest easily in cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrency Market

Making money online will be easy for you, especially with cryptocurrency market. During the last year I have seen many peaks and dips.  I am a low risk player and whenever I see a “sure thing” I go in all the way. I plan to complete my current target, and I believe crypto currencies/blockchain technology is the way to go.
With this program LoyalCrypto, I am 100% sure that everyone will be very happy with the results and everyone will be able to walk away with a profit!

Unlike many other “programs” online, this is not a hyip, not a scam, not a “Early birds take the worm”-kind of thing. You will profit.
There is just no way of accurately telling what the daily results will be, as they can’t be predicted. All I can tell you is that they are very good traders, stay away from margin trading and have their funds spread over 5 different exchanges.
Why spread their funds like this? Because exchanges can become unreliable at any point in time and if you are all in in the wrong platform, you are able to lose everything.
cryptocurrency market


LoyalCrypto is an investment platform that offers daily variable returns on your investment. It’s a certified business, completely legal, that works as a trading fund under the United Kingdom laws.

It’s free to join; and note that you can’t create more than one account.

This is an investment site, so you will earn from your invested money. Referring people and earning from them is just an extra bonus.
Your investment will be active until a ROI of 120% has been made, meaning that if you invested $100, your investment will be active until you have recovered $120 ($100 being your original investment, and $20 the profit).
Minimum investment is $25, and you can also compound from $5. Withdrawals are processed in a maximum of 6 hours, this is strictly for security reasons.

Fees for deposits & withdrawls

Deposits through Bitcoin and Litecoin do not incur any fees, PerfectMoney deposits incur a 1% fee. Withdrawals through Bitcoin, Litecoin and PerfectMoney incur a 1% fee.
You can buy or sell bitcoin & Litecoin at Coinbase or Payza.


Earn from your referrals

LoyalCrypto HEAVILY incentivizes promoting/referring new customers.

You can make a lot of money, even without investing yourself!
With 10% referral commissions on the earnings of your downline and 10% of the overall website earnings being shared between the top 10 weekly referrers, you can make a fortune here!

The first few weeks/months 10% of the weekly earnings overall will be divided between the top 10 promoters during that week.
This can easily amount to 1000s of dollars, just for you, if you are part of those top 10!
Just refer, spread the news and enjoy the ride, you will do good on this one! How much are you planning to initially invest? And do you have a team already?

Remember: You can be one of the top promoters with the most deposits and compounding (from your entire downline) and get a part of the weekly referral contest pool which is equal to 10% of the weekly earnings.  Example: With $20k earnings in a week, $2k would be evenly distributed between the top 10, resulting in a $200 bonus each.


If you asked for proof,  they delivers proof!
LoyalCrypto will be great. They combine short with long term trades.
My expectations are constant small earnings and every now and then when one of their long term trades works out you will suddenly receive a huge result!

proof loyalcrypto

Loyal Crypto should be considered a Profit share, based on actual results.
Something that websites like MPA, MPCA, TM and a few others only claimed to be and got 100s of millions in by just paying 2% a day returns based on no real profits.
These are ponzi schemes, which work for a limited amount of time because people’s greed makes them unable to see that returns like these without an actual product WILL always collapse over time.

Sometimes it seems that Loyal Crypto doesn’t pay a lot of money, but you have to take into consideration that the crypto market is extremely variable. The program is legitimate, the owners are honest, just give them the trust they deserve, as I do as well. Over time, with compounding and everything, you will make very decent money here, without having to fear that the website suddenly disappears.

About LoyalCrypto

Marc de Koning, Kay & Harry, have been a Forex traders for a few years and recently they decided to give it a shot at crypto currencies. After a small “adjustment period”, they found out this could work as their sole focus. Since then, they have been trading crypto currencies very successfully.

After discussing with their partners and a few other friends from the industry, they found out that people are adopting crypto currency at a very high pace. Many of them also try trading by themselves but end up losing their funds due to lack of experience. Thus they decided to put their expertise at the service of everyone interested – so they created LoyalCrypto.

They now use his technical trading knowledge, fundamental analysis and market sentiment to offer their investor daily returns on their investments.

Good luck!

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