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Clixsense – Earn money – Best PTC sites

Earn money with Best ptc sites – Clixsense

One of the best ptc sites is Clixsense, and one of his great features is that you do not need to purchase anything in order to earn money. They have multiple ways for you to make money. I suggest that you login daily, several times a day if you can and when you login please stay logged in at least 90 seconds and then refresh the page because their system will allocate tasks and surveys to you but it takes a little time for this to happen.

And lastly, it’s suggested that you try to complete the daily checklist bonus. This is completed by viewing the forum and completing an offer or some tasks. This can really help increase your income as some offers pay $5.00 or more. Complete just a couple offers or surveys per day and this can add up quickly.

Things required for joining Clixsense

The first things you need to have in order to join Clixsense are:

  • A personal computer or laptop.
  • E-mail account
  • Payza, Paytoo, or Paypal account (payment processor for withdrawing your earned money from PTC sites)
  • Bank account (optional, for withdrawing your earned money from payment processor. ClixSense also gives an option to get money via check)

And remember:

  • All best ptc sites are free to join
  • Working with PTC sites requires no professional skills
  • No previous experience required

Let’s get into steps of joining this business

STEP 1: Use a Hotmail or Gmail account (recommended) for registering in Clixsense.
STEP 2: Then you should have a place where you can collect your winnings, in other words, a place where they will pay you all the money that you achieve. I do recommend the Payzaa, Paytoo or Paypal website. In these sites you can create a free account.

You must access the links above (click on name) or image below, and create new account clicking “SignUp”

paytoo signuppayza signuppaypal signup

STEP 3: Create an account in Clixsense website. Registration is very simple, just enter a few data, and press “Signup Now”. Complete the registration form and you may be required to verify your email account.

best ptc sites

Click the confirmation link in mail and log into your account. First of all, you must say where you want to collect money (Payza, Paytoo or Paypal account you created in the previous step). You must click your name at the top, and go to the “Profile” option, then complete “Payment Details” section.

payment details clixsense

That’s all, easy right? Now you’re ready to make money. How? Doing  tasks and surveys.

The biggest opportunity you will have to earn money with ClixSense is through Surveys, Offers and Tasks. The idea is to make money by answering surveys (all kinds included: beauty, health, etc.)  or classify any commercial website (rate it, fetch addresses, etc). The surveys, offers and tasks are in various languages.

I summarize things you can do:

menu clixsense

  1. Surveys: Here is where you really earn money. It takes about 15 min. to answer a survey, and get paid almost $1, $2, $4 or even more.
  2. Offers: Offers will be simple as surveys, watching videos, listening music online, subscribing to free websites, etc.
  3. Tasks: You earn more than watching ads (about $0.04). They are very simple
  4. Affiliates: The best part of Clixsense. You can see explanation below.


Before july 2017, you could earn money clicking ads, but now it’s no longer offered.

ads clixsense

1. What are surveys, how do they work?

Doing a quick math: spending just one hour a day doing surveys, suppose you earn about $2 a day, $14 a week, $56 a month. You can earn more if you spend more time doing surveys or referring others. You must select “Surveys” , to answer surveys.

surveys clixsense

You must answer well to earn money from surveys; if you use aleatory answers you get caught, and they do not pay the survey. The first thing you should do is complete your Survey Profile. This profile are used to target more relevant surveys to you. You can find the survey profile clicking “surveys” on the top menu

survey profile clixsense

It’s the large green button on the top right of the page. Then you should try to do a few offers or surveys if they are available to you. If you do not see any, please do not get discouraged as new offers and surveys come in all the time so keep checking back.

2. Offers

Another best way to earn more money is by completing the offers recommended by clixsense. Offers will be simple like surveys, watching videos, listening to music online, free trial, form filling, subscribing to free websites etc. A lot of offers are available from more companies.

offers clixsense


3. What are the tasks, how do they work?

Best ptc sites also offer other ways to make money. The tasks enables you to work on small tasks giving the opportunity to earn some extra cash. The more tasks you complete the more you earn. Check back daily as new tasks are added frequently.

tasks clixsense

A task or job is simply a set of instructions that you follow, and get paid for it. For example, there may be a task to categorize images or videos, make google searches, etc…

Most tasks can be completed multiple/unlimited times by you. But, in some cases they limit the work or pause the job. Certain tasks will require you to train for the task before it’s completed. Meaning you will be evaluated to see how well you perform in doing the task before you are able to complete it.

Pay attention to any instructions in the tasks or hints attached to questions you answer incorrectly — these are critical to your success in completing the tasks.

Many of you will frequently fall below the minimum accuracy threshold for a particular task, at which point you are no longer permitted to continue working on that particular task. Do not get discouraged as this is to be expected and does not reflect a bug. You are then most welcome to participate in any of the other available tasks.

If you have questions or issues about a specific task please click on Help -> File a Ticket at the top of the task in question.

The amount you can make is up to you. You can earn more than $10  per day!. Each task can pay you between a few cents to several dollars per completion. The higher paying tasks of course require more work on your part.

Once you have completed a task you are INSTANTLY paid for that task and the funds are added to your ClixSense account balance. Some tasks may be demographically targeted.


4. Affiliates

If a new customer is brought to ClixSense.com through your personal referral link, you are credited with that person as a personal referral. You are then paid a percentage of any advertising that referral does on the ClixSense.com  system. Try to promote your affiliate URL. The more members you have under you the more commissions you will make. You earn commissions from the offers, tasks and surveys that are completed by your referrals. Take a deeper look in this new post about Earn money with the Clixsense Referral Program.


Daily Checklist Bonus

For each day that you complete your Daily Checklist, a bonus will be added to your account balance at the end of that day. Members will earn a bonus of up to 16.0% of their personal earnings. The bonus amount you can earn is unlimited; it only depends on your activity. This bonus will be calculated from your total personal earnings that include your completed CrowdFlower Tasks and completed Offers and Surveys.

In order to complete the Daily Checklist you need to:

  1. Because not everyone has offers or tasks available to do, and to give everyone a chance, you are required to complete only one of the following:
    1. Complete at least 10 CrowdFlower Tasks; or *
    2. Complete at least 2 offers or surveys from the offers and surveys pages (except video offers); or *
    3. Complete at least 5 CrowdFlower Tasks and at least 1 offer or survey from the offers and surveys pages (except video offers); *
  2. Visit at least one page of our forum. Posting is not required.

clixsense daily bonus

Don’t hesitate and register in one of the best ptc sitesClixsense . You will be pleasantly surprised.

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